About Us

About Us

At Leymo Trading, we’ve been involved in international trade and sourcing since 1998. We fully understand the need for professional services, speed, and quality goods, and that’s why we strive each day to minimize costs and maximize results for those in need of a buying agent. We’re based in Florida, and yet have contacts across the world who are critical to getting the best possible costs on international goods.

As a buying agent, we focus primarily on sourcing and trading of:

  • Textiles
  • Computer and printers
  • Tires and car parts
  • Paper
  • Medical equipment and supplies

Fine 3d image of classic warehouse and forklift in actionAn outstanding team of highly trained and skilled sourcing and logistics buying agents who are experts in international trading and logistics are behind our success.

Part of that is because we have established an extensive procurement system that enables us find exactly what you need. Our key international operations enable us to source from around the world the best possible materials, from printers to medical equipment. Our logistics enables us to ship to and from anywhere in the world especially around the United States, South and Central America, Europe, and Asia.

As your buying agent, we are also able to negotiate the best price with 100% compliance on your specific standards in product quality and integrity for medical equipment and supplies, paper products, car parts, tires, computer and printers, and textiles.

You may think it would be easier to deal directly with international suppliers. In fact, many businesses incorrectly assume with advance sourcing and logistics technology that they can save costs by connecting to suppliers from Asia and other countries. The sad fact is that there are multiple problems with sourcing of international suppliers. It isn’t just the language barrier. Suppliers who speak English can speak a different version of English, resulting in added costs and compounded problems that create a domino effect on logistics, production, and sales.

Whether you need textiles, computer and printers, tires and car parts, paper, or medical equipment and supplies, as your buying agent, we give equal and personalized attention to all your international sourcing requests. Through the years, we have established our business name and reputation that have earned us the respect of the top suppliers in the world. We can find the car part you need, get you the best possible cost on paper or printers, and even find a new supplier for medical equipment you never considered.

We also pride ourselves in being able to locate suppliers for hard-to-find supplies. As your buying agent, we always make it a point to master your intricate and complex order details. Nothing fazes us.